Ink Pad Storage Unit

Well, work has well and truly taken over for the last few weeks but things are improving now and the new computer system that I have been helping to test will be rolled out on 3rd May whether or not the bugs have been fixed!! No more testing now so time for me!

I have had a little bit of me time in the last couple of weeks though and the above photo is the result. I was fed up of lifting the box of ink pads down from the shelf and getting concussion from escaping pads – plus one pad hit the floor and its lid flew off and no matter how hard Lew and I search, we just can’t find it!! The unit is based on one for Stampin Up pads found on Rebel Inker’s blog which I’ve adapted to fit Ranger and Stazon type ink pads (hopefully the link works). It’s made from foam board that you can by packs of in Hobbycraft. 5 sheets in a pack which is plenty for one unit but unfortunately we needed two!!! I didn’t realise we had so many ink pads (plus Lew has the Whispers carrier of 30 pads on his desk-they’re half dried out though so they don’t count!!!).
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I’ve also spent some time this weekend finishing off all the monthly club cards from Little Clare so they’re all in the ‘completed’ box now. I was a bit lacking in inspiration after I did the last Guild one stamp challenge so these were quite good to get me back into making cards again! So out came the elephant stamps – Pickle and Onion – from Papermania to go with the elephant cards from Little Clare. I think that’s enough cute cards for the moment and I might now get back to something a bit different.

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Published on: 19 April 2009
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