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As promised, some pics from the journal in progress. I’ve been reluctant to add writing to many of my pages as I’m waiting to do a workshop at The Stamp Attic with Sarah Anderson on journal writing. She does some great work and is going to do a workshop next month so I’ll post the updated pages then. I put a couple of these up when I did Sarah’s first journalling workshop but I’ve been gradually improving (?) them. I started doing the right hand side of this “Live the Life you’ve imagined” with the baldy heads under the flap and black and white faces. I decided this wasn’t spooky enough, hence the added colours! The left hand page was the “imagined life” – all feminine beads, flowers and sparkles which I couldn’t get to – being represented by the birds behind the netting.



Not sure of what words I want to add yet. This is how my days can go – little problems buzzing around at the start but only tiny (compared to me). Then gradually as the day goes on I shrink under the (perceived) ever growing problems. I love the Stampotique stamp range so I very much enjoyed doing this one:

I also started doing the Art, Heart and Healing course with Tam at Willowing. This is a free course you can join at any time. This was my first attempt at face drawing that actually didn’t look like something from a horror movie!! I loved doing this and am half way through doing the next one – I know what I want it to turn out like but again, I don’t want to spoil it with my writing so I have the words planned and will do it after my workshop.

So that’s a small taster of what I’ve been up to while I’ve been away. There are some grunge flowers on my desk and my steampunk journal in progress which will go up later this week if I can grab some time.



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Published on: 21 February 2011
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