I have been creating for more years than I care to remember, starting as a child with knitting, sewing, then crochet. I’ve added to these over the years with macrame, beadweaving, cross stitch, machine knitting (which I taught as well), and then moved on to anything paper/inky/painty.

Last year I changed direction! I now spin, dye, and weave, and I’ve gone back to knitting and crochet after a bit of a break, as well as patchwork and quilting. I’ve also started making art dolls now too!

After a very steep learning curve, all my new interests are coming along nicely! I still make cards but not as often; and I’ve gone back to art journaling and creating mixed media pieces as well.

After taking early retirement due to ill health, I now have the time to go in the directions I’d always promised myself I would when I retired :-)  Gone is the stress of the job and having to work in a “hot-desking” environment which challenged my OCD tendencies to the limit; gone is working with someone that criticised my work at every opportunity and undermined my self confidence till I couldn’t cope with it any more. Happy days now back to (my version of) normality! Where did I ever find time to go out to work?!?!?


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